Joyride Bicycles Branding Banner

What began as a need for a website refresh turned into a rewarding (and ongoing) personal and professional relationship. Aradius Group is in year four of a collaborative effort with Joyride Bicycles to represent their business and promote the virtues of cycling a discipline that many of us at Aradius Group pursue outside of work hours.

Our endeavors for Joyride spans the gamut of most everything we do as an agency. We handle (or have handled at some point) all of the following: website design, development and maintenance, social media (including ”written and graphical Facebook posting, event creation, analytics and an ever-growing YouTube channel library), event promotions, in-store advertising and point-of-purchase materials, consumer-based advertising, apparel design, digital displays, integrated campaigns (for sales, holidays, and more), email campaigns, video production and many other day to day tasks.

Joyride’s philosophy of, meeting a customer where they are, and taking them to the next level, is a notion that preceded our involvement with Joyride, but it is something to which we can easily relate. Aradius Group shares the desire to improve upon the status quo and contribute to successes. After all, we do grow and deliver ideas…