Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa Building Photo

Create a brand identity”or as the client put it, a story to differentiate a world-class property.

Everything Under the Sun became the phrase that truly encompassed the newest and most advanced John Q. Hammons Renaissance hotel built to date. The phrase served as the tagline and set the tone for the story.” Inspiring a depiction of luxury and exclusivity, this vision was presented through logos, venue names, menus, signage, sales materials, a website, print and online ad campaigns.

We believe a good logo should speak for itself. The Ray’s Martini Bar logo is a finely crafted example of that belief. Obviously it screams of the Gin and Vermouth favorite, long before you consider the Phoenix sun ”home to the Renaissance Glendale Hotel is drier than a Noel Coward cocktail. Ask us to design a logo. Unlike Bond, we’re never shaken but always stirred.

So, an Account Executive, a Hotel Property Manager and a Designer walk into a bar, actually it was the third bar in the hotel and it needed a name and a logo to fit the solar story of the Renaissance Glendale Hotel. What better way to say and design Sun than Soleil! The punch line: a very happy client.

How do you make food and beverage appealing to someone poolside, baking in the 110 degree in the shade. Sonoran desert summer? You name it Refresco’s, design it with water and bright colors, of course! (And find a vendor willing to reproduce it on a clear base). We also designed the refreshing logo. All part of Everything Under the Sun, the pre-opening campaign for the Renaissance Glendale Hotel.