Circular marketing is a process where all marketing channels work in concert to produce measurable results.

The process begins and ends with insights

Honing Insights

The marketing process used to be linear, each campaign having a clear beginning and end. Today, the marketing process has become circular. Moving constantly, it doesn’t end. Through constant measurement and analysis, we gain insights and craft our next idea based on what we learn.

Standing Out

Brand messaging is everywhere. To stand out and deliver a message that resonates with consumers, companies need to adjust their marketing strategies. Aradius Group is no different. Founded on the idea of circular marketing, Aradius Group exists to grow and deliver ideas that run circles around the older linear marketing strategies.

Reassess, Refine & Perfect

Our process begins and ends with insights, from consumer research and market analysis to tools that allow us to measure key performance indicators and ROI. We’re able to see which communication channels are growing in popularity and which messages will best resonate with target consumers.

A close eye is kept on measurable data and as trends begin to form within a campaign, circular marketing allows us to reassess, refine and perfect the messaging and positioning.

Marketing Automation

With circular marketing, a customer can enter the process at any point, whether it is campaign concepting, production, execution or analysis. And with marketing automation software, we’re able to track engagement, trigger a response, and fine-tune or relaunch your message.

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