• Hopluia Ale Branding and Logo Design

By a traditional description of “branding”, this project does not fit in. But Spilker Ales is an untraditional client. In fact, they were Nebraska’s first craft brewer to bring a bottled product to market. Their primary needs were packaging (containers for their hoppy beverages), point of sale materials (tap handles and coasters) and a website; all in the interest of unifying their line of products.

Once a very fun, robust (and content managed) flash-based website, hopluia.com recently got a design and codebase makeover to better accommodate a tablet and device toting society. Aradius Group migrated the web presence of Sam Spilker’s flagship ale to the WordPress platform, interjected new graphic content and developed in-house, a responsive layout. When discussing the perception the site was to impart upon a visitor, the lead designer/developer on the project answered in the form of a question, Does it make you thirsty? Well yes, yes it does.

Due to an overwhelmingly warm reception of Spilker’s canned-beverage delivery method, Sam needed a bottled product design. We responded with a two-color, raised ink on glass solution to showcase his product. Upon completion, we thought the client said, Hallelujah!. Actually he said,  Hopluia! Would you guys like some? We obliged.