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Direct Mail Delivers!

Increase ROI by including direct mail in your marketing plan With marketing budgets under pressure, marketers are always looking for ways to make their spend more efficient. This puts direct mail in the crosshairs. With growth in many digital channels, can direct mail spend get trimmed without impacting ROI? Consumers Value Direct Mail Recently, the […]

Five Things You Need to Know About Print

Paper, Proofs, Color, Binding & Folding and The Power of Great Ideas 1. How to choose the correct paper: Choosing the right paper for your projects is critical to the outcome of your printing. Discover how paper is made and the many colors, finishes and surfaces you have to choose from. Did you know there […]

How to get mailing list addresses that work

Getting started: Quality mailing lists are an absolute necessity when setting up a Direct Mail campaign. All that careful work and scrutiny you put into your mailer’s design and copy will mean nothing if your mailing list is filled with random prospects. You don’t want to use a shotgun approach–mailing to everyone and their dog, […]

Reaching Customers Is About the “Why?”

Saying the right thing When it comes to reaching customers with your marketing message, whether it’s through print, email, social, or mobile, sometimes it seems like trying to get the attention of a playground full of screaming school children. You might think that nothing could break through the noise, but if you say the right […]