Omni-Channel Marketing Class

DATE: June 22nd
Includes box lunch and beverage.

TIME: 11:30AM to 1:00PM

WHERE: Aradius Group – 4700 F Street Omaha, NE
There is no charge for this class.

Class Description

During this session, we will show you how to begin implementing an Omni-Channel marketing strategy to improve the customer experience. With so many choices, today’s consumers want to control the purchase journey using their method of choice. Learn how an Omni-Channel approach allows the buyer to control the process and steer the decision journey, making the experience consistent and seamless from start to finish.

The Aradius Group Omni-Channel Marketing class will improve your understanding of how to improve the consumer journey using different channels and measuring the results.

Course overview:

  • Developing a customer persona
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Measuring Results