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Stonehouse Golf features museum-quality prints of world-famous golf courses by renowned photographers.


How do you create a more intuitive shopping experience?


Stonehouse required a mobile-friendly interface enabling users to customize their prints online. We needed frame choices, the ability to add and preview custom messaging, size variations, and it all had to be viewable in real-time.

The entire shopping experience from start to finish would be visual. You’d select a print category, dial into the build-a-print interface, and visually build a stunning, high-resolution print.

The entire experience is easily managed by the client, scalable in terms of being able to introduce new products, and has a robust coupon code interface built into its architecture, to incentivize buying.

We’ve gotten tremendously positive feedback about the end experience. It’s a lot of fun to buy at Stonehouse, and Aradius Group is proud to have played its part.

Visit the Stonehouse Golf Website!

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