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Don't Just Attend a Show, Command it.

Trade shows are an investment. It takes more than showing up with basic materials and staffing a display. To generate ROI, you need an integrated mix of both digital and traditional approaches. Let us show you how to maximize your show experience for results!

Don't Just Attend a Show, Command it.

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Take Your Brand Beyond the Main Show Floor

Create a Brand Experience

Trade shows are as much about exposing your brand to key verticals as it is about being visible in a sea of other exhibitors. Your show experience should entertain, market, deliver the right messages, and sell, sell, sell. To be effective, you need a pre- and post-show strategy with breakthrough concepts to generate excitement. We will help you find the right combo of marketing know-how, sales gusto, and breakthrough approaches to have a great show.

Budget for an Experience

Get the word out you are coming in advance of being on-site with great communications that market your brand, value proposition, and sales message to the right audience.
Displays look the same if you're working from a conventional design mindset. Breakthrough the trite and expected, with fresh design ideas that will invite attendees to see more.
We can help you maximize show investment to engage with your audience and gain more brand awareness via: featured speaking opportunities, sponsorships, marketing venues, and more.
Our team of pros will create a digital strategy that suits your brand, venue, and level of exposure you need to create to drive booth traffic and complement sales.
You may be limited to a square or rectangular space, but for experienced designers, the ideas are endless on what can be done in that space. Don't limit yourself to a static display and a space that is as dull as burnt toast. Let us help you find the right mix to keep your team and attendees engaged.
Have a website? It should be working overtime during your show and we can show you how to make the connection to drive ecommerce conversions or learn more about your unique selling proposition.
If you haven't done show promos in the past, it's time to rethink your approach. If you're launching a new product, how can you inspire adoption with your show audience as a test pilot?
You should never attend a show without having prearranged appointments with key prospects for your sales team.
Look for ways to partner with other vendors, become a sponsor for a show event, host a special lunch with your company's thought leaders, or find a way to deeply connect with key prospects. Use your time to glean personal insights from decision makers to improve your product launch, build your network, and more.
Have a strong post-show strategy to follow up with leads, send personal thank you notes, and connect with the attendees you promised a demo, phone call or meeting.
Gather your sales team, marketing team, senior leaders and recap what worked well for you. Learn from your experience together and continue to refine and adjust your sails as you add more shows to your schedule.


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