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"63% of people said they are more likely to take a brand’s marketing message seriously if it is delivered via direct mail." - Royal Mail study

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Excellence In Craftsmanship. Proud member Of The American Printing Industry.Aradius Group is a proud member of the American Printing Industry.
Aradius Group Has an A+ Rating From The Better Business Bureau.Aradius Group has an A++ Rating from The Better Business Bureau
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Full Service Direct Mail & Postcard Printing Facility

Aradius Group Direct Mail USPS EDDM & Postcard PrintingAs the mail team responsible for some of the nation’s largest direct marketing and bulk mail programs, we are passionate about what we do at Aradius Group. Great mail programs are more than applying postage to paper. Success is about the details and requires going beyond the basics. We understand size requirements, folds, seals, weights, and bulk mail restrictions. We also apply our knowledge with the USPS postal code to deliver best practice campaigns-generating postage savings and value for national retail, non-profit, government, B2B, and regional clients.

Direct Mail Services

  • Targeted

  • The focused approach to reaching your audience. You tell us exactly who you want to reach, provide specific addresses, and we'll pick it up from there.

  • Saturation

  • If there is a neighborhood, a carrier route or a region of a zip-code that you're looking to target, then Saturation may be the way to go. You define the mailing area and we'll get your message delivered on time.

  • USPS Full Service Mail House

  • Electronic Induction
    (eInduction) simplifies the induction of drop shipments and expedited plant load mailings by leveraging existing eDoc, Intelligent Mail Container barcode (IMcb), and handheld scanner technologies to verify payment and preparation of commercial mail containers.

    Seamless Acceptance
    automates the entry and verification of commercial mailings by leveraging electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMbs), and information collected from handheld sampling devices and mail processing equipment scans.

Ground Delivery Transit Times

This map is a general representation of ground delivery transit times.

Our Experts Deliver

Our supply chain stretches from coast to coast. We may be headquartered in the midwest, but our feet and hands stretch from sea to shining sea.
Our knowledgeable team will work with you to lock in competitive postage rates and to drive down costs.
We believe that the overall success of a Direct Mail marketing campaign is dependent upon 3 factors: 40% comes from an effective mailing list, another 40% is based on how compelling the offer is, and the remaining 20% comes from everything else (design, copy, etc). 40 / 40 is the sweet spot where our high-value actions lie.
Our graphic design professionals can walk you through the creative process, building on your own ideas and finding the voice that will best resonate with your target audience.

We had three days to get out 20 thousand mailers across 3 states. We’d heard about Aradius through a business partner. Not only did they meet a nearly unreasonable deadline, but they got us some great rates on postage. I’d definitely recommend Aradius for high volume direct mailing.
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