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FAQ – Direct Mail

Direct Mail can easily be personalized using what is called Variable Data. Variable Data enables a business to personalize each and every piece of direct mail in a given postal route. Add names, photos, and other information for a more personal interaction with prospects. Aradius Group has variable data capabilities built into its presses.

To obtain a mailing list you must contact a broker service. Aradius Group has many brokers in-house and can get you up and running with a qualified list of addresses in no time.

Regular mail delivery from state-to-state will vary depending upon weather and other unforeseen circumstances. But as a general rule it will take from 1 to 3 days to deliver your mail depending upon the destination.

Bulk Mailing typically begins by selecting a handful or more of postal routes that you wish to target. Each postal route will have a finite number of residents in it. To perform bulk mailing, you would need to accept that at the very least your number of mailers must be enough to provide one mailer per resident in the postal route you are targeting. As you target more postal routes your number of required mailers increases proportionately.

The cost of mailers depends on the size of the mailer you are wishing to send. Mailers are an affordable alternative to traditional media channels like television, radio, etc. Please contact Aradius Group directly for more information.

Bulk mailing costs vary depending upon how many residents you are mailing out to and how customized the print run is.

The cost of Direct Mail will generally vary depending upon the size of the mailers, the sophistication of the print run (does the print require special finishes and die-cuts ) and the total number of residents you are sending to.

The cost of a mailing list depends on the number of addresses included within that mailing list. Contact Aradius Group and speak with one of our qualified brokers to learn more.

The cost of mailing postcards in bulk will vary depending upon the size of each postcard. Please contact Aradius Group directly to learn more about bulk mailing postcards.

Direct Mail advertising costs vary depending upon how customized each print piece is, and how many residents you are mailing out to.

Performing mass mailing requires the orchestration of design, printing, obtaining prospect mailing lists, curating the lists and finally, dispatching the finished mailers to USPS for final delivery.

Obtaining addresses for direct mail generally requires a knowledgable broker. Aradius Group has multiple mailing address brokers in-house and ready to assist you.

Obtaining valid mailing addresses for direct mailing is an essential component of any direct mailing effort. Aradius Group partners with both the USPS and Pitney Bowes to ensure your bulk mailing lists target the correct postal routes, demographics and zip codes.

Mailing flyers to a neighborhood or Postal Code is as easy as reaching out to Aradius Group. We will help you plan and execute a flawless direct mail campaign.

Making an EDDM postcard is as easy as contacting a qualified Direct Mail service provider like Aradius Group. We will patiently guide you through design and execution, even assisting with obtaining mailing lists.

Mass mailing postcards is as easy as setting up an appointment with Aradius Group. We will help you with everything from design, to obtaining qualified prospect lists and handling fulfillment.

Running a direct mail campaign requires knowledge in print, mailing and postal rates, you'll also need to know how to effectively broker a list of qualified addresses. Aradius Group's knowledgable staff can help you from concept through execution for a seamless, highly targeted bulk mail campaign.

Sending mass letters in the mail is as easy as contacting a qualified Direct Mail service provider. Aradius Group can help you from concept to execution.

Direct Mail marketing is easily one of the most effective media channels for customer retention and acquisition. Direct Mail has one of the highest ROI's of any other marketing solution out there.

Aradius Group offers 3 standard EDDM sizes: 3.5x11, 4.25x11, 6.5x9

There are some requirements for Bulk Mail. That's why it is important to partner with an experienced team of direct mail experts so that your campaign goes off without a hitch.

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It is a service offered by USPS that enables businesses to perform affordable bulk mailing.

Direct Mail Marketing is the strategy arm of Direct Mail or bulk mailing. It's your plan of action for achieving your direct mail goals.

Direct mail, otherwise known as Direct Mail Marketing, is highly targeted, but often unsolicited mail that is delivered through USPS to customers' front door. Direct Mail comes in a variety of formats, including postcards and foldouts and consists of offers, promotions, incentives, special deals, etc. Direct Mail is considered to be more effective in winning prospects than traditional advertising channels, as it is easy for businesses to target demographics, neighborhoods and even entire zip codes or postal routes with highly relevant offers using bulk mail.

The EDDM postage rate will vary slightly depending upon the size of mailers you are sending and the number of residents within a given postal route that you are targeting.

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM, is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that enables businesses to perform affordable bulk mailing, targeting Postal Routes. Basically, Mail Carriers have a separate bag for each carrier route that contains a small mail bundle that they leave at each mailbox.

The effective mailer size depends largely on the message or incentive being delivered, but generally speaking, larger mailers tend to command more attention.


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