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Driving ROI for Dealerships, Aftermarket Suppliers & Auto Repair Shops

Automotive dealerships and direct mail campaignsThe next best thing to bringing prospects onto your showroom floor, is getting your showroom floor literally into the hands of your prospects. Direct Mail captures all the juicy details of your products in high definition and Aradius Group can ensure those beautifully varnished pieces get into the hands of qualified prospects. Attracting and retaining valuable customers in the automotive space requires real strategy, and Aradius Group’s proprietary targeting and tracking solutions can guarantee just that.

campaign strategies to get you started!

Need help building a successful campaign? Check out the sample campaign strategies below. We’ll go over a few promotional ideas that are guaranteed to jumpstart traffic and get prospects talking about your brand.

Cross Channel Savvy

Break out of the mud and muck of stalled ROI with high impact direct mail campaigns. Aradius Group’s Direct Mail services will synchronize your communications across email, mail, television, radio and social media to increase your reach and drive conversion.

  • Integrate the various channels in your marketing stack to create cohesive, multi-dimensional campaigns that build around a central, value-based narrative and drive qualified leads.

Maintenance & Service Reminders

Everyone’s got a million things going on these days. Simple but important things like upkeep, maintenance and service on vehicles gets easily forgotten. Aradius Group can help you create, mail and track direct-to-door service reminders.

Trade-In For a Newer Model

Customers sometimes want a new car but feel they can’t afford the upfront costs. How about educating them on the trade-in value of their old car. Aradius Group’s Direct Mail campaigns can help a lot here.

Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to outfitting vehicles, consumers like options. Sometimes they want to save money and other times they want a custom look that maybe they can’t get anywhere else. Keeping customers informed on aftermarket parts related to their vehicle can really strengthen your relationship and win you points in the I-really-got-your-back category. Aradius Group’s Direct Mailers to the rescue.

Special Events & Grand Openings

When you need a bullhorn loud enough to reach 3 zip codes, Aradius Group’s Direct Mail and fulfillment service is the way to go. Or maybe you want to target all ~17 people in a 3 mile radius that make greater than $75k annually and drive Trucks. Aradius Group can bring that campaign to life.

Recovery Campaigns

Winning new customers is important for the growth of any business, but keeping existing customers engaged is critical to the sustainability of that business. At Aradius Group we strive to reach customers before they drive off into the sunset, not after.

  • Multi channel approach. Synchronize your mail and email campaigns. Integrate with social media.
  • Drive down mailing costs through USPS EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).
  • Our experienced team will help you carefully curate your direct mail lists and target the right people with the right offers

Partner with our in-house design team, and our mailing and fulfillment specialists to rev up your next automotive campaign. Contact one of our friendly sales associates today to get started!


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