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Education direct mail marketing campaigns.Every college recruitment and admissions team can tell you that sometimes college fairs, cold calls and word-of-mouth are not enough to drive in new recruits. When your campaign requires a more personal, one-on-one touch, direct mail really is the way to go. Studies show that direct mail not only receives higher response rates, but millennials, teens and young adults actually prefer direct mail to email. In fact, teens are actually more likely to respond to direct mail than email or television campaigns.

campaign strategies to get you started!

Need help building a successful campaign? Check out the sample campaign strategies below. We’ll go over a few promotional ideas that are guaranteed to jumpstart traffic and get prospects talking about your brand.

Direct Mail for Admissions Officers

Admissions Officers can use direct mail for student outreach and more.

  • Generate inquiries to drive leads.
  • Invite prospective students for a campus tour.
  • Publish a visual history of the college, university or institution.
  • Follow up with candidates or students that have fallen off the radar.
  • Share alumni achievements and boost morale.

Alumni, Line One!

A resource for students that are beginning their careers and may be looking for advice and strategy, Alumni are often great role models. Direct mail is an excellent way to connect directly with alumni.

  • Communicate directly with Alumni.
  • Inform current and prospective students about the relevant achievements of a particular Alumni.
  • Announce the availability of an Alumni

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