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Furniture direct mail marketing campaigns.So you’ve got twenty-thousand square feet of furniture to move. You’ve thought about buying ads online but you didn’t have much success in the past. No, this time you’ll stick with the tried-and-true. You’ll target every residential home in a 1.25 mile radius of your retail outlet.

Direct Mail really is the way to go on this. And because you’d rather not piecemeal out the printing to one vendor, and the fulfillment and direct mail end to another, you’ve decided to go with Aradius Group. You know they’ve got a solid reputation and gosh, they’ve been doing this sort of thing for over 100 years.

campaign strategies to get you started!

Need help building a successful campaign? Check out the sample campaign strategies below. We’ll go over a few promotional ideas that are guaranteed to jumpstart traffic and get prospects talking about your brand.

Free Gifts

You don’t have to break the bank on your offer. Anything that adds value to the consumer experience will work. Free shirt. Free hat. A free pillow set to compliment the new beds you’re clearing out. Just mentioning FREE anything is certain to drive interest.

Deep Discounts

Who doesn’t love saving money. Seriously, any discount is better than no discount. Everyone appreciates a bargain!


Partnering with another team, product or service and sponsoring some event together may bring in new prospects from across the fence.

Preview Event

A great way to keep customers engaged is to give them a sneak peak or preview of hot and upcoming products.

Step Up The Pressure A Bit

Limited time offers and exclusive deals that are time sensitive really have a way of getting people to spend outside their comfort zone.

Partner with our in-house design team, and our mailing and fulfillment specialists to fill your showroom floor with buyers. Contact one of our friendly sales associates today to get started!


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