Direct Mail

DATE: April 27th
Includes box lunch and beverage.

TIME: 11:30AM to 1:00PM

WHERE: Aradius Group – 4700 F Street Omaha, NE
There is no charge for this class.

Class Description

During this session we will show you how to navigate the Postal Rate structure. We will cover Postal Requirements for address correction services, National Change of Address, and Every Door Direct Mail. Design eligibility requirements for Postcards, Letters, Large Envelopes, and Packages will be reviewed. Upon completion of this class you will have greater knowledge on how to reduce your postage expense and increasing the effectiveness of your direct mail.

The Aradius Group Direct Mail class will improve your understanding of how to effectively use direct mail.

Course overview:
• Postal Rate Structure
• Mailing Design Requirements
• NCOA & CASS certification
• Every Door Direct Mail
• Automation vs Non-automation mail
• Tabbing Regulations

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