USPS Mailing Promotions Feature Costs Savings While Encouraging Best Practices

DATE: February 16

TIME: 11:30AM to 1:00PM

WHERE: Aradius Group – Omaha  4700 F Street Omaha, NE

FEE: None

Course Overview

Learn to enhance how you interact and engage with mail to improve your response rates. The USPS® offers direct mail advertising promotions and incentives to help you integrate direct mail with technology and other innovative mailing techniques. Learn how to best take advantage of these promotions and improve direct mail results.

We will explain each of these USPS promotions so you are better informed on when and how to use each promotion. Representatives from the Postal Service will be on hand.

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2017 Earned Value Promotion
To keep First-Class Mail® relevant, the Earned Value Promotion offers earned credits to eligible businesses who use Business Reply Mail (BRM) and Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) enclosures. This year Share Mail has been added to the promotion. Come learn how Share Mail can help you.

2017 Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion
The Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion encourage mailers to integrate direct mail with advances in mobile technology using NFC technology, Video in Print (ViP), Beacon technology, “Enhanced” Augmented Reality, Virtual reality or a Digital to Direct Mail experience to allow the recipient to engage in innovative digital experiences triggered from their mail piece. New for this year is the inclusion of Virtual Reality and Digital to Direct Mail to elicit a higher response from consumers by using immersive experiences and dynamically printed, personalized messaging.

2017 Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Mail Piece Engagement Promotion
Leveraging the physical aspects of mail, as well as the advances in print technology, marketers and mailers can enhance how customers interact and engage with mail. During this promotion, mailers who incorporate a multi-sensory experience in their mail piece may receive a postage discount. Come see examples of qualifying mail pieces.

2017 Direct Mail Starter Promotion
The Direct Mail Starter Promotion is offered to first time mailers to promote events and offers that incorporate the use of print-mobile technology on up to 10,000 mail pieces. This is a great opportunity to test direct mail for your marketing efforts,

2017 Personalized Color Trans promo Promotion
New print technologies deliver unique, creative materials that generate experiences you cannot have in a singularly digital way. The 2017 Personalized Color Trans-promo Promotion incorporates marketing messages that use color, dynamic variable print, and personalization. By using color messaging in bills and statements, business mailers can enhance the value of First-Class Mail and foster a better connection and response from customers.

2017 Mobile Shopping Promotion
The Mobile Shopping Promotion encourages mailers to send mailings that highlight the connection between the mail piece and the digital shopping experience. It is designed to enable customers to conveniently go from the mail piece, directly to a mobile-optimized online shopping experience using platforms, such as Quick Response (QR) Codes, Snap Tags, Watermarks, and other advanced technologies.