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Building A Better Marketing Model

 May 10, 2018 | published by Uriah Rittenhouse

The marketing and advertising industry’s service model is outdated. The model agencies and marketing firms use to service customers is a dinosaur and not able to keep pace with the way business moves today. You may think that’s a mighty bold statement, but let’s think about how marketing firms are structured.

As someone who has tech experience and has worked in the industry for a number of years, as the head of our Marketing here at Aradius Group–I’m determined to create a team unique to our market and industry. You see, the marketing model is based on the “Mad Men-era” of the good-old days of advertising. Back when concepts took months to produce, teams created campaigns by hand, and the process was long and cumbersome to see through. Teams were setup with multiple members from several departments touching, pushing, and managing each project and client relationship. In the 1950’s that model was probably just fine, but we’re living in 2018.

Today technology has disrupted every single industry on the planet. Personal computers have evolved to be faster than ever; our phones can take professional-quality photos and manage everything from our bank accounts to monitoring our heart rate; and we use platforms, apps and the cloud to do just about every single daily activity and business transaction imaginable. What’s missing here is a marketing model that is more agile and flows with businesses caught in rapid tech adoption and utilization. A firm stuck in the service model of the 1950s simply isn’t set up to pivot with business today, nor can it be cost-effective when countless people push and pull projects back and forth between departments.


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