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We supply high volume printing services for some of the nation's largest brands, non-profits, and government agencies. Our fleet of presses are designed to print quantities over 750K+ and apply personalized data on a continuous feed, without stopping! We also offer special coatings and print custom projects. It's a one-stop shop for all your direct marketing, bulk mail, circular, insert, sales collateral, and promotional printing needs.

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Excellence In Craftsmanship. Proud member Of The American Printing Industry.Aradius Group is a proud member of the American Printing Industry.
Aradius Group Has an A+ Rating From The Better Business Bureau.Aradius Group has an A++ Rating from The Better Business Bureau
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Offset : The Details Matter

Best Of B2B Omaha 14 Consecutive Years - Aradius Group - Omaha Printing CompanyAt Aradius Group, we’ve been printing large production jobs for decades. It’s simply what we do best. We work in lockstep with brands that print millions of pieces and it’s our confidentiality, attention to detail, and professionalism that truly set us apart. That’s why we’re the printer of choice for so many large direct marketing and promotional programs.


Advantages of Offset Printing:

  • Wide range of color re-production, including Pantones®, bright florescence, metallic, foils and varnishes can all be produced using offset printing.
  • The most accurate color re-production and consistency.
  • A broader range of paper weights, sizes and textures.
  • Light inks such as white ink can be printed over the dark surface of paper.
  • Fine adjustments of ink density over paper.
  • Superior quality inks.
  • Large print runs exceeding 1,000,000+ copies can be reproduced and extremely quickly.

Press Capabilities

We operate Heidelberg and web offset printing equipment. These large machines rapidly produce high volumes of print materials and simultaneously customize and apply aqueous coatings and finishes.


Our award-winning, full-service Creative team can bring your idea to life with graphics, photography, and content designed to effectively market your products and services.

Color Accuracy

Aradius Group is one of the few commercial printers in the area that is G7 Color Accuracy certified. That’s a fancy way of saying we have an internal process to ensure press colors will be vivid, bright and correct-even custom blended colors.


Coatings are clear finishes added during the print process that provide protection and durability. They are also a design element in the graphic design wheelhouse that subtly add emphasis to graphics and text, add texture, and play with light reflectivity.


Varnish is clear coating applied to a print piece during the printing process and can be applied in special locations in a design to add emphasis or the entire page to add durability. A varnish also protects against scuffing or scratching in handling or when materials come into contact with moisture or chemicals.


A spot varnish is a subtle design element, often applied to emphasize or contrast graphic or text elements. Spot varnishes require another plate for the press and are treated ( and priced ) as an additional color [i.e. If you’re running a 4-color job, adding spot varnish would be considered 5-color]. They can be solid or screened and offer as much flexibility as a spot color. Varnish can also be tinted.


A flood varnish covers the entire page and comes in glossy or dull finishes. Floods can also be tinted and can be used with a spot varnish, depending on the application.


Like gloss paper, gloss varnish makes colors look brighter and more vivid on the page and acts as a protective coating for special inks. If your using metallics or a deep/dark color like process black, gloss protects from scuffing and finger printing.


Dull varnish is less shiny or glossy than a pure gloss coating. It gives a graphic a slight contrast in light or fade brighter colors into the foreground of a layout. It typically feels slightly rougher to the touch than a gloss too.

Aqueous ( Water-Based ) Coatings:

Aqueous coatings are similar to varnishes and are applied during printing. Not to be confused with UV coatings, aqueous coatings are not as heavy and are a lower sheen, but are more cost-effective. They also help with print production and can speed up ink dry times.

Soft Touch

One of the most popular coatings right now, soft touch provides a soft, silky smooth feel to printed pieces and is used in everything from direct marketing to brochures and catalog covers.

High Gloss

High gloss in aqueous is very different from a high-gloss UV and is much more subtle. If you’re after a high-sheen, glass-like finish you may want to consider UV instead ( if your timeframe has flexibility to accomomdate the longer lead time ).


This coating is slightly more dull than the high-gloss ( but not as heavy or glossy as UV ).

Prime Coat / Protective Coat

We apply a prime or protective coating for most of our print projects to provide durability during shipping and delivery.

Satin / Silk

This coating is less dull than the gloss varieties and will lay flat on a page, and provide subtle contrast with light play.


The effect with matte can be more dramatic when used to remove a glossy sheen from glossy paper stock. The result is difference in light and play with color and light and tends to pop off the page. When used with a basic stock, the end result will be less dramatic.


As with the matte coating, dull has no sheen or gloss and can be used to remove sheen from gloss paper stock for a more dramatic effect.


Unlike the coatings above, pearl-essence has a transparent ivory hue with a slight and very subtle sparkle. It’s a great coating to give layouts an exclusive, more high-end look.


UV coatings tend to be thicker and heavier than aqueous and varnish coatings, and they best protection for durability for years to come. They not only protect your materials during shipping and handling, but can be textured to add a unique feel to your design. UV coatings typically take a little longer to dry in production than the other coatings, but our customers like the creative flexibility it gives them to deliver unique marketing pieces.


As in the other flood coatings, this simply means the coating is completely applied to the entire layout. UV coatings can make ordinary or floor paper stock feel exclusive and high-end and has many uses.


Graphic designers like spot UV treatments, because it allows them to create emphasis for special design elements–making adding a dimension to the way it feels, visually pops, and reflects light.


The possibilities are endless with textured UV coatings. Designers use this coating to apply special, raised feeling to flat printing pieces, but these can take a little longer to build-up and dry. Some of the most successful layouts we’ve seen has been used to add rugged texture to direct marketing pieces[i.e. Adding texture to tire tracks on a direct mail piece for an outdoor ATV direct mail piece.]

Postal Expertise

Aradius Group is Nebraska’s largest bulk mailer. Our team of professionals can oversee list creation, data, and have the know-how to meet US Postal Service compliance requirements. Visit our Mailing page to learn more.

    Reliable Delivery

    Your Account Manager will work closely with you to manage your in-hands and delivery dates for your projects and communicate necessary deadlines with you throughout your process. We strive to meet our print deadlines on-time and on-schedule, but sometimes weather conditions and paper supply cause unforeseen delays outside our control. Should delays happen during your project, an Account Manager will be in close communication to work through next steps.

What an amazing year for us! Turnout at the annual trade-show was unbelievable. Aradius Group really hit a homerun for us. Can’t thank their team enough. Shoup Manufacturing


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