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Omaha Printing Company's Remarkable, 160 Year Journey.

19th Century

Our business was founded in 1858 as the Omaha Daily Republican, the first newspaper in Omaha, Nebraska. An established business well before Nebraska was a unionized state, our first printing press was floated across the Missouri River on a barge from the shores of Council Bluffs, IA and transported by horse and buggy to a small building (now located in the Old Market district of Omaha). Our business was founded at a time with the West was wild, streets were dirt clay, cowboys were real, and printing was simple. We invite you to explore more about us and navigate through our interactive timeline.

  • First house built in Omaha

    That's a Chuckwagon, alright! Early settlers struck out West and landed in Omaha, Nebraska where they built the first home in Omaha. Circa 1854.

  • Nebraska Republican Printing Company

    May 5, The Nebraska Republican Printing Company established in an office of the Pioneer Block on Farnam between 11th and 12th.

  • The Republican becomes a daily newspaper

    The Republican becomes a daily newspaper. It's presses fired up and Nebraska suddenly had its own source for local and regional news.

  • Name change

    Name changed to the Omaha Republican Printing Company

  • Location moved to 13th and Douglas

  • New owners

    Mr. Nye and Mr. Frank Johnson become owners of the job printing division of the newspaper

  • Last issue

    July29, The Republican prints the last issue of 32 year old newspaper.

  • Name change

    “Republican” removed from the name to form the Omaha Printing Company.

  • Fire destroys building

    June 5, Fire destroys building at 10th and Douglas causing $100,000 in damage to Omaha Printing Company.

  • TransMississippi and International Exposition

    Omaha host for the TransMississippi and International Exposition. Omaha Printing Company is a stockholder.

20th Century

As Omaha grew, so did our business. We sold the newspaper (it promptly went bankrupt), and spun off a commercial printing division that became Omaha Printing Company, which was the state's first commercial printing company. As technology improved in the printing industry, presses moved from highly-manually operated letter press machines to modern offset presses, then later to the state-of-the-art presses we have today. Keeping pace with the times, the company moved into a new space, our corporate baseball team met and played with two baseball legends, and we celebrated pivotal historical events, and continued to build a thriving printing business.


Newly Minted

The Republican becomes Omaha Printing Company. Under the direction of newly-appointed General Manager Frank I. Ellick, the first scientific cost system in plant operation is installed and he later builds a national reputation in that field.



Tornado kills 111 people in Omaha


Big move

Moved to 13th and Farnam St, a new six story building erected specifically for the printing company with reinforced floors to withstand the tons of weight from the presses and paper.


Transforms a Failing Newspaper

Frank B. Johnson is elected president of Omaha Printing Company. He dies on April 6, 1939, (at the age of 78) after leading a full life and turning the small commercial department of a failing newspaper into a highly successful business property.


Baseball team big win

Oct. 28, Omaha Printing Company baseball team wins city championship and plays with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in charity game.


Named new President

Harvey Millikan named President Frank Johnson dies after 50 years with the Company.


Named new President

John Watchler named President.


100th Anniversary

Omaha Printing Company celebrates its 100th Anniversary.


Opened Omaha’s first retail Stationery store at 1609 Farnam Street

Omaha Printing Company weathered the Great Depression and saw many of its employees head off to fight in World War II.

With the economic boom of the 1950s, Omaha Printing Company sought out new opportunities. In 1954, it opened its first retail stationery store, catering to consumers.


Established Retail Outlet

On August 24, 1964, William J. Bloom, who started as an errand boy in June of 1922, is named president and secretary.

In keeping up with the westward movement of Omaha's retail district, Omaha Printing Company establishes a retail outlet for stationery, school supplies, furniture, greeting cards, and more.


Press upgrade

Installation of new Miller TP Two color/Perfecting Offset press


Harvey Hayes Jr.

Harvey Hayes Jr. named President


55,000 square foot printing plant

Move into new modern 55,000 square foot printing plant in the Foxley Industrial Park at 4700 F Street


Closed Last retail Store

Closed last Retail Stationery Store.



Purchased Acme Mailing Services.


Going Modern

Installed first Macintosh computers in the prepress department


Press upgrade

Installation of new Miller TP74 Six color/Perfecting press with Aqueous Coater.


New Treasurer

Chuck Kinzer named Treasurer.

  • Chuck Kinzer Jr

Named new President

Steve Hayes named President.

Omaha Printing Company decides to devote the company's attention to the direct mail and catalog publishing markets.

  • Steve Hayes


Purchased KR Printing Company


Press upgrade : Installed New Heidelberg 40” Six Color with Coater

With offices opening in Kansas City and Dallas, expanded capabilities and capacity to meet demand necessitated the installation of new equipment, such as multiple Heidelberg color presses, Miller press with aqueous coater, Zircon heat-set web press and saddle stitcher.

In addition, the company grew through acquisition, including: Acme Mailing Services, KR Printing Company, Sirles Printing Company and Informed Fulfillment Services.


Press upgrade

Installed five color 40” Heidelberg press.



Purchased Sirles printing Company.


Office Products Division Sold

Office Products division sold to US Office Products, a publicly held company.


Press upgrade

Installed Four color 40” Heidelberg Press.
Omaha Print becomes the first printing company in Nebraska to be ISO 9002 registered.


Omaha Print becomes the first printing company in Nebraska to be ISO 9002 certified.

For Omaha Printing Company, the growth of business was managed with the adoption of new equipment, technology and services. To house its expanded operations, the Omaha Printing Company moved into a modern 55,000 square foot printing plant – adding space throughout the decades ahead to accommodate growth.

Numerous awards for printing leadership, technology advancement and ISO 9002 certification were also highlights for the company.


Press upgrade

Installed two color 40” Heidelberg press.



Purchased Informed Fulfillment services.

Omaha Printing Company begins offering complete fulfillment services.

21st Century

This century has seen some incredible change for our business. We acquired a marketing firm, changed our name from Omaha Print to Aradius Group, moved the marketing firm to our corporate office in Omaha, and technology continues to transform our industry. Today, we have evolved to become a complete omni channel marketing, print, and mail organization that provides full-services to take marketing programs from concept to completion. Our future has never looked brighter.

“As Nebraska continues to grow, so too will the printing industry progress - and credit for the success of the one will result largely from the efforts of the other.”
Omaha Printing Company, “A Pioneer Printing Institution”.
Quote from the October 27, 1929, Omaha World-Herald


Press upgrade

Installed new Zirkon 8 page Heat-set web press and added on to building to accommodate equipment.


Open Sales office

Open Sales office in Lincoln, NE.


Parting ways

Sold Informed to World Technologies


ISO 9000 Recertification

Successfully complete ISO 9000 Recertification audit by KPMG


Printing Impressions magazine

Omaha Print is featured of the cover of Printing Impressions magazine. Featured article about the history and technology advancements utilized by the company.


Press upgrade

Installation of new Heidelberg ST400 Stitchmaster saddlestitcher. First such model in US.


Sales offices in Kanasa City and Dallas

Open Sales offices in Kansas City, Kansas and Dallas, Texas


Heritage Award

Omaha Print receives prestigious Heritage Award. Heritage Award is given to a business which meets the following criteria: 1) has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the city and the well being of people in the state/community. 2) Exemplifies the characteristics of a company or organization worthy of being described as a “good corporate” citizen. 3) Continues to play an active role in the matters affecting the state/city.


Breaking Ground

Omaha Print breaks ground for 28,000 sq.ft. expansion to accommodate the installation of a Baker Perkins G14 web press and additional ancillary equipment.


Named new President

Chuck Kinzer named President.

  • Chuck Kinzer Jr

150th Anniversary

Celebrates 150th Anniversary as one of the 5 oldest company’s in Omaha



Introduces 1000 Door’s Direct Program to promote the USPS EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)


Acquisition / Marketing

Purchase Minnow Group Marketing Agency in Lincoln, NE.


Merger / Omni-Channel

Combined companies, change name to Aradius Group


Named new COO

Chris Mueller named Chief Operating Officer

  • Chris Mueller

Shuffle For The Win


Rearrange ( drag-and-drop ) these historical logos into the correct chronological order to reveal a secret message.

Throughout the centuries Omaha Print ( now Aradius Group ) has freshened up its brand in order to better reflect the evolving spirit of its team & services. Below you'll see a series of identities we've assumed over the years. We've changed our clothes a bit but our core mission of delivering great print has never waivered.


Omaha Best of B2B Award ( 2015 )

Aradius Group is awarded Omaha's Best of B2B Award


Omaha Best of B2B Award ( 2016 )

Aradius Group is awarded Omaha's Best of B2B Award


Omaha Best of B2B Award ( 2017 )

Aradius Group is awarded Omaha's Best of B2B Award


Omaha Best of B2B Award ( 2018 )

Aradius Group is awarded Omaha's Best of B2B Award


160th Anniversary Celebration

Aradius Group celebrates 160 years in the printing industry.

Since 1858, Omaha Print has been reinventing itself to meet the evolving needs of it’s customers. In the early 1900’s Omaha Print was referred to as an “Office Outfitter”, providing everything from printing to office supplies to office furniture. Today, we no longer have the supplies or the furniture, but we still help businesses market themselves utilizing the tools that will help them be the most successful.

Our services now include our core print, as well as digital print and personalization, selective mailing,web design and creative campaigns. We might want to take a note from the past and refer to ourselves as “Marketing Outfitters”. Our goal is to help our clients get a greater return on their marketing dollar. Something that has kept us in business for 160 years, and we now do it under our new name of the Aradius Group.


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