Nebraska Pork Producers All About The Pig Design Illustration

All About the Pigs

This illustrated Facebook cover photo was so well received by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association, they ended up making a 6′ banner of it for the Capital City Ribfest, an annual festival hosted in Lincoln and attended by tens of thousands Nebraskans.

Smart Chicken Air-Chilled Label Packaging Black Tray Design

Black Tray Program

How do you introduce West Coast retailers to the goodness of Smart Chicken without

Smart Chicken Organic Fed Label Design

Organic Classic Gourmet Sausages

Who knew sausages could form a canvas for such a fun project? Aradius Group brought original illustrations, bright colors, a typographical playground, and delicate navigation of USDA regulations. Colors and designs appropriate to each flavor profile provided balance amongst the mandated disclaimers required once you venture into claiming the virtues of all natural, organic, and hormone-free. We practiced our craft and learned a whole lot about the rules involved in food packaging.

Hide-A-Hook Bobber

How do you get the message to kids and their parents about a safe and great fishing tackle product? You make a cartoon, of course! Hand-illustrated and keyframed in-house. Listen real close and you’ll hear many of our own using their voice talents in the soundtrack.