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Huskers Illustrated Ad

Check out the design work performed for Huskers Illustrated by Aradius Group advertising agency illustrators located in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

As a result of agency involvement with multiple John Q. Hammons properties and JQH corporate communication efforts (and therefore, having familiarity with their goals and needs), we were asked to refine the JQH corporate website content and delivery.

The main objective was two-fold: 1) to improve the level of user-friendly interaction on the corporate website, and 2) to modernize and enhance the aesthetic of the corporate website (for the purposes of enhancing pride among current employees and to be seen more favorably by prospective job-seekers and industry peers.

Husker Illustrated Ad

View some of the work performed for Husker Illustrated by Aradius Group located in LIncoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

Heart Hospitals Billboard

When the CEO of a major institution says to you, “Great site guys, how are we going to tell people about it?” Aradius Group responded by focusing on a common attribute shared by Nebraska Heart Hospitals, caregivers: compassion. A logical communication was to combine the URL and the word into the neheart.compassion campaign. Billboards and display advertising were utilized to broadcast the theme and set the tone for two follow-up campaigns we refer to as “commendable” and “community”.

Follow The Leader Posters

Aradius Group concepted, photographed and designed an image-based campaign to visually reinforce CBS Home Realty as number one in the Omaha market. Metaphoric images demonstrated various phenomena of leading and incorporated the tagline, Follow the Leader. The campaign was broadcast across multiple channels, including digital, print, television, radio and outdoor.

Ask Me Campaign

The 2013 Ask Me campaign was created to complement its subsidiary 2012 campaign, We Care Nebraska, to encourage the public to ask real Nebraska farmers about modern farming practices specific to pork production.

Ask Me included a FAQ page with common questions and answers about pork production, as well as a spot for users to submit their own specific questions for real Nebraska farmers.

Radio spots, social media, digital and prints ads, along with a :30 TV spot were also developed and placed.