Department: Executive

Bob Redmond

Vice President
Bob Redmond is the Vice President for Aradius Group advertising agency located in Omaha, Nebraska and oversees mailing and data operations. Learn more.

Christopher Mueller

Chief Operations Officer
Christopher Mueller is the COO the commercial printing services arm of Aradius group located in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

Chuck Kinzer

President and COO Started: 1986 Office: 402.734.8902 Cell: 402.981.5920 Self described as a recovering CPA, Chuck Kinzer joined Omaha print in 1986 in accounting. In 1991, he was named treasurer, before becoming president and chief operating officer in 2007. In our 160 years, Aradius Group (previously Omaha Print) really has had to reinvent itself every […]

Manny Paz

VP of Administration & Finance
Manny Paz is the VP of Administration & Finance for Aradius Group’s printing division located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Steve Hayes

Chairman of the Board Started: 1972 Office: 402.734.8935 Cell: 402.981.5905 In a career that began by filling office supply orders before moving into sales, Steve Hayes has spent his entire career at Omaha Print ( now Aradius Group ), working his way up to president in 1991. His father, Harvey Hayes Jr. also worked for […]