Aradius RETAIN

Personalize print with client data to increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

Download the RETAIN Overview PDF Download the RETAIN Overview PDF

Personalized Offers for Each Customer

RETAIN is a targeted approach to marketing that leverages your client data to increase client retention and brand loyalty.

Our proven process is based on identifying personas and creating relevant messaging that resonates with each consumer group. It’s time to use the customer data that you have and give each individual an offer that matches their unique interests with a specific product or service that your business provides.
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RETAIN Can Make A Difference

Connect with customers on a deeper level by showing images, offers, and text that relates to each customer’s unique hobbies and buying habits.

How RETAIN Works:


Establish Personas

Identify vertical markets and group your customers into categories based on their buying habits. Examples include location, hobbies, and product preferences.


Create Relevant Imagery

Based on what you uncover about the shared interests of each persona, develop your marketing piece in a way that appeals to each audience’s personality. This is where you’ll align your images, graphics, and product suggestions with the consumer groups you created.


Start Your Campaign

Time to print and mail! Our technology will take your design file and produce a unique printed piece for each customer based on your personas and offerings. We will also set you up with a branded storefront so you can easily upload your data, select your campaign, and mail to your customers for your future needs.


Aradius Group is great at meeting customers' expectations and they define business partnership.

Rob S., Marketing Supervisor, National Insurance Provider



Does it take a long time to set up each campaign?

Getting your business set up with a branded AXIS storefront will take several business days up front. After the initial set up is complete, sending each consecutive mailing is very quick and easy. Just upload your customer data file, submit an order, and we will get it in the mail stream!

What is the best way to track my campaign results?

When you create an offer for each persona, you can make a unique coupon code, QR code, or link for them to shop with. This way you can track when a purchase on your site or store is coming from your RETAIN marketing campaign.

Download the RETAIN Overview PDF

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