Elevating Your Brand

Bindery & Finishing

After the ink’s been laid down on the paper and the press has cooled, consider what finishing touches can be applied to enhance your brand experience.

Bindery & Finishing Options

Consumers like variety. If your direct marketing program feels like something is missing, applying custom finishes may be exactly what you need to create a great brand experience.

  • Bringing Imagination To Life

    We want to encourage you to dream big! If you can think it, we can find a way to make it happen. We will work with you along the way to offer suggestions or solutions that will make your idea possible.

    Custom finishes, inserts and packaging can make ink on paper feel new and special to everyone that receives it. Our team can help make your next project stand out from the clutter and truly connect with your audience.


Thank you, Aradius Group! You were wonderfully patient with our magazine and did so much to help us meet our technical requirements.

Lynn C., President, Local Manufacturing Company



What if I need a special insert or special option that is not listed above?

Talk with your Account Manager about specific inserts, bindery, and finishing options if we don’t have them listed above. Customizing print to meet your needs is what we excel at and there are many resources we can use to make sure your project is created exactly how you picture it.

When do I need to make the decisions about all of the bindery or finishing options that I need?

Make sure to let your Sales Rep know all of the specifics about your project when you submit your request for a quote. If you need suggestions at this point, great! We can walk you through the options you have for your project. Once you’ve made your final decisions, we can provide you an accurate timeline expectation, an accurate quote, and prepare our schedule in a way that is the most efficient to get your job done correctly and on time.

I have a product sample or give away – can you include those in my print piece?

Yep! We add custom inserts and tip-ons to print all the time, as well as creating custom kits that heighten the brand experience even more. We can use a glue dot to secure the tip-on to a specific location or have a die cut made to create slits that hold your insert right in place. Talk with your Account Manager about how to handle your special request on your next project with us.

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