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Mailing Lists

Our team sources the right acquisition lists to take direct mail programs to the next level. We do our part to get your message in the hands of qualified customers.

Strategic Services

Our team provides a full suite of list and data acquisition services and can also review your current database to improve performance.

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    Complete List Sourcing, Setup & Management

    We provide the knowledge and the tools to source lists that complement your current customer database, mail to new personas, and reach acquisition targets with specific demographic attributes.

    Our team will also explore your current database to optimize performance, shore up any gaps, and provide full scope data services to make your next direct marketing campaign your best yet!

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    Campaign Tracking & Measuring Performance

    It’s best practice to always keep a clean, up to date mailing list to increase the likelihood that recipients will respond to your latest marketing message.

    To do that, our team will apply custom codes, unique URLs, and other custom identifiers to work with your internal lead scoring and conversion tracking processes. Prior to scheduling your direct marketing job for press, we will establish versioning and identifier protocols to be applied on-press so you will know exactly how many consumers responded to your direct mail piece.


We have been working with Aradius Group for close to 20 years and every year, they print and assemble our numerous mailing campaigns and collect important data for our team.

Mike V., Senior Director, National Non-Profit



How can our business track the effectiveness of our mail lists?

By adding a coupon code, landing page, or specific phone number to your mail piece creative, you’ll be able to know if your new business is coming from your mailing or from another source. From there, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your list and adjust for the next campaign.

Are your mailing lists always up to date?

Yep! The data that we use is constantly monitored and refreshed to make sure we are targeting the right individuals. This accounts for people who have moved and new houses on the market.

If I purchase a mailing list today, how long will it be relevant and usable?

Typically mailing lists are usable for a year before they need to be refreshed, though some businesses choose to get a new mailing list in a shorter time frame.

What if I want to send out a campaign to a certain area, but I don’t want to purchase a list?

Check out Aradius ATTRACT. This solution enables you to send a mail piece to every door in a targeted area for maximum exposure at a low cost.

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