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The Hands-Off Approach for Print Marketing Programs

If micromanaging every detail to support the ongoing direct marketing needs of your organization has you working overtime, we have the solution. Aradius Axis takes you out of the trenches and empowers teams to quickly choose, order, and receive print materials through our easy-to-use web2print, on demand print portal.

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Web To Print – The Answer for Complex Corporate Marketing Programs

Aradius Axis Storefronts

Getting marketing materials in the hands of multiple teams across several locations often requires a large internal marketing department to oversee requests and logistics, but not anymore. Aradius Axis gets you out of the minutia and manages everything from materials requests to inventory. We make it easy to supply business units, multiple teams and multi-site operations with the marketing materials they need.

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Is Aradius Axis Right for You?

Any customer can implement a storefront, but there are fees, shipping, and inventory minimums that make it less efficient for some small businesses. Our support team will review your business needs and help you determine if a storefront is right for you.

You Should Consider Aradius Axis if Your Business

Seamless Connection to Our Presses

Aradius Axis utilizes a modern software suite that ties frontend design with backend print production. The solution has a direct link to our presses and streamlines the ordering, production, and delivery process for our customers. Instead of preordering quantities to store on-site, this means your teams can order materials as they need them for events, sales, team meetings, training, seminars, and more!

Getting Started

Our team will meet with you to review your goals and business needs. If you decide a storefront is right for you, our team will work closely with you throughout your entire on boarding experience. You will need to have an idea of scope or 1) how many products you intend to list on your storefront; 2) how individuals, business units, or locations will be invoiced for materials (or if corporate is covering these costs); 3) what customization is required for materials listed [i.e.: name, title, location, address, email, phone, cell, etc.]; and 4) who will be your internal team to champion the project.

White Labeling

Companies with large operations needs may choose to white label (remove reference of Aradius Axis to their own brand, color scheme, etc.). This option is not included in standard storefront setup, but is available for an additional fee. Ask our team if customizing your storefront is right for you.

Testing and Go-Live

Your Aradius Axis storefront can be up and running within two weeks (pending image availability and the number of items). Once your site is populated and all customization areas are indicated, your team will go through a brief testing period to review site functionality before we release login information to your extended team. Our team will setup unique credentials for each user you assign. Aradius Axis is a cloud-based solution, which requires no additional equipment or backend technology support for your business to implement. Once in the system, all your team has to do is simply login and go!

Changes and Ongoing Support

As part of your storefront agreement, our team will provide all necessary upgrades and backend maintenance support for your site. You are free to add, remove or edit your product mix at any time. Just contact our team to forward your requests and schedule edits.


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