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Post-Press Kit Packing and Custom Fulfillment

We make fulfillment easy at Aradius Group. We provide a complete scope of fulfillment services under one roof. We provide in-house fulfillment services to take projects from press to completion. Have a special insert to be poly bagged for a conference? No problem. A direct mail piece that requires assembly for several pieces? We can do that too. No project is too out of the ordinary for our team.

Fulfillment Press Kits On Demand

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Services for High Volume and Digital Print Customers

In-House Fulfillment

Our team of professionals provide fulfillment for both high-volume print projects and smaller, digital projects for customers that lack the resources to pick and pack, stuff, seal and prepare materials for events, marketing programs or direct marketing campaigns. It’s easy for our team to include fulfillment into your print production estimate and delivery schedule and provides a seamless service from press to delivery.

Pick n’Pack Programs

Our team manages pick and pack marketing programs for several major retail and B2C brands. They oversee order requests, inventory, customization, and shipping for key stakeholders in multiple office and satellite locations.

Special Projects

Trade show season can be busy time for customers and we tend to see more special projects in early spring and late fall. We have done numerous custom fulfillment projects for clients in agriculture, retail, healthcare, insurance and other B2B industries and oversee both large quantity projects (i.e. pallets of pieces) or small quantity needs. Our team will ensure your items are produced to your specifications and arrive to your venue in time.

Kit Materials Programs

Businesses with training programs, healthcare testing kits, patient educational needs, go-to-marketing product launch needs, sales collateral kits, educational or government education and compliance needs are a great fit for our kit fulfillment services. We will manage pre-printed inventory for you, oversee relationships with your internal teams, and provide on-demand printing services with your fulfillment needs too.

Poly Bagging

We offer complete poly bagging for single or multiple materials. Customers storing items for a longer-shelf life, or wanting to keep multiple materials together and sealed–prefer to poly bag and heat seal print pieces. This also provides weather protection from water and potential separation of materials during shipping. Ask our team if poly bagging your project is right for you.

Batch Requests

Some clients have specific or special requests in packing their finished print projects. We can box, seal, and band quantities in stacks for easier distribution and storage for your organization. Ask your Account Manager if you have a batch need for your next project.


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