Tom Price Headshot Aradius Group

Tom Price

Pressroom Manager/Safety Manager

Tom Price began his printing career in 1984 at Omaha Printing Co., now Aradius Group. Starting as a helper for a brief period, he swiftly transitioned to become a press operator, running various presses and accumulating valuable knowledge over the years. Currently, Tom serves as the Head Press Operator on our Heidelberg CD 102 6-color press and holds the managerial position in the pressroom.

In addition to his role as Head Press Operator and Pressroom Manager, Tom also serves as our Safety Manager. In this capacity, he plays a pivotal role in developing measures to ensure adherence to safety regulations, conducting safety training for team members, and spearheading the development of comprehensive safety programs. Tom’s commitment to safety underscores his dedication to fostering a secure and protected working environment for everyone at Aradius Group.

During his leisure time, Tom finds joy in activities such as bike riding and golfing. He also loves spending quality time with family and friends, particularly enjoying moments with his granddaughter, Ila.